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Enterprise Risk Management Va – A project risk manager should have the ability to listen effectively. This is because they must understand the underlying problem. If a project manager fails to listen attentively, he will not be able to follow the different arguments proposed by relevant team members who have identified the risks. Listening skills will also be tested when he collaborates with others to come up with feasible solutions. Remember that risky situations are often fast-paced because the environment can change and impact the risk events, so it is important to listen to the experts to keep up.

Project Managers

Specifically, the Project Risk Management knowledge area consists of these processes:
Plan Risk Management
Identify Risks
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses
Monitor and Control Risks

Effective Management / Enterprise Risk Management Va

An effective project risk manager will prioritize risks, or set up risk analysis as a crucial activity on the same scale as time, cost and scope management. He will increase the visibility of different risk management functions in an organization at all levels and invite project managers to key strategy meetings.
A participative management style is likely to be effective here, instead of the typical command and control style which will not urge people to share in the brainstorming sessions.

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