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Risk Management Consulting- A Critical Activity In Any Organization

Organizations no matter how large or small face daily uncertainties on meeting their business goals and objectives. Once an uncertainty materializes, an organization becomes reactive and must expend precious and limited resources in resolving the situation. The redirection of these critical organizational resources can and in most cases causes a ripple effect in unplanned delays, performance and budgetary impacts. The challenge every organization faces is to motivate and encourage pro-active involvement in identifying potential events that could negatively impact the organization. Pro-Concepts associates understand the challenges of creating a pro-active environment which engages all stakeholders to focus on business goals and objectives. We provide comprehensive Risk Management Consulting Services which focuses on educating stakeholders and promoting a pro-active culture based on a formal risk management process. Our Risk Management services are integrated into any organizational level and our supported by sound program management practices and engineering skills.

About Pro-Concepts:

Our experience shows that a formal risk management program is the cornerstone of project success.
Programs practicing formal and continuous risk management historically achieve greater success in building systems and projects that perform to requirements and are delivered on schedule and within budget.
We distinguish ourselves from the competition by:

            • Offering standardized, responsive and streamlined approaches to Enterprise Risk Management tasking and support with predictability and while minimizing cost
            • Providing industry leading, one of a kind ISO 9001:2015 Based Risk Assessment Process that ensure quality, repeatability and credibility of results
            • Staffing with highly experienced, dedicated and skilled domain subject matter experts that provide immediate value added, top-notch results and low risk to our clients
            • Capitalizing on repeatable and cost-effective processes and procedures
            • Leveraging an impressive range of core capabilities that enable us to respond to a variety of customer needs in the most time timely and cost-effective manner
            • Guiding our activities based on our established methodologies, processes and procedures that have been proven time and again in a variety of Federal, Department of Defense and commercial programs

For Risk Management Consulting Services call Pro-concepts at 757-637-0440Risk Management Consulting

  • OMB A-123
  • NIST 800-53
  • ISO 31000
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • COSO
  • CMMI