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Why incorporate risk software into your project?
Risk management is an essential Best Practice for sound program management.
Risk management allows management to be proactive rather than reactive.
Risk management enables open and honest communication among all program/project stakeholders.
Programs incorporating formal and continuous risk software historically achieve greater success in building systems and projects that perform to requirements and are delivered on schedule and within budget.
BAD EXCUSES Impacting implementing an Enterprise Risk Management System.

1. We have no risk.
2. Give us an hour and we’ll tell you our top ten risk items.
3. Making risks public will kill the program.
4. The customer goes ballistic whenever he/she hears of a potential problem.
5. We deal with problems as they arise.
6. My customer doesn’t want to hear that he/she is the source of risk.
7. Identifying risks is bad for my career.
8. This is development—why should we worry about supportability and maintainability risks?
9. How can you predict what will happen a year from now?
10. Our planning horizon is six months.
11. No one on the staff knows how to do risk management.
12. We plan to start implementing risk management next year, after we define the process and train the staff.
13. Our job is to develop software, not fill out bureaucratic forms.
14. The commercial software industry doesn’t waste time on risk management.
15. We don’t need a separate risk management program because we have frequent technical interchange and Integrated Product Team (IPT) meetings.
16. If I gave a realistic assessment, no one would listen.
17. That external interface is not in our risk management program because the interface is not our responsibility.
18. Using that tool is not a risk. The vendor’s salesman said so.
19. That method is proven and therefore not a risk. The speaker at the conference said so.
20. People outside the project who don’t understand the context will invent worst-case scenarios.
21. The program is too small to do risk management.
22. Corporate management won’t buy in.
23. My tech people will rebel if we identify as a risk betting our success on an unproven new technology.
24. My tech people will rebel if we identify as a risk a lack of skills needed to do development.
25. We have no cost or schedule risk because new technology will enormously increase our productivity—by five to ten times.
26. New technology we have never used before will mitigate the risk.
27. We have to bid the lowest cost to win; we’ll worry about doing the job when we get it.
28. If we bid everything we do, we would lose the project.
29. We can’t identify risks based on industry metrics because our process is different.


Pro-Concepts’ latest Risk Radar® Enterprise risk software Application is a robust risk management solution which allows organizations to integrate, enhance and streamline their risk management program into their daily workflows. By pro-actively engaging all the organization’s stakeholders, risk and opportunity awareness is improved and a risk-resistant organizational culture is cultivated.

• User-defined enterprise and program-specific templates
• Time-saving & dynamic PowerPoint presentations, including quad charts
• Streamlined Microsoft Word risk management reporting capabilities
• Access to 127 RRE Data Elements, RRE graphics, including a new “Plan versus Actual” chart
• Support for OMB A-123 ERM requirements, COSO framework, ISO 31000 & 9001, SEI CMMI
• Updated new business rules
• Updated features based on RRE User Community product requests

Every day new challenges or threats (risks) can arise, causing organizations to refocus their activities to compensate. While refocusing, previously targeted high interest risks can be lost in the corporate noise due to the lack of real-time visibility. Risk Radar® Enterprise not only provides a real-time visible perspective, but more importantly, encourages risk awareness and remediation participation–from the corporate board to critical frontline workers. Risk Radar® Enterprise (RRE) risk software Version 5.0 is the cost effective, intuitive and easy-to-implement solution to regulatory and certification requirements which require a clear demonstration an organization’s enterprise/program risk management.

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  • OMB A-123
  • NIST 800-53
  • ISO 31000
  • ISO 9001-2015
  • COSO
  • CMMI