Pro-Concepts’ Risk Radar Enterprise is a comprehensive, flexible, web based “commercial off-the-shelf” applicationRisk Radar Enterprise scalable framework supports an organizational Enterprise Risk Management Software Program as it is adaptable to today’s organizational structure and future organizational re-alignments.

Risk Radar® Enterprise risk management software is approved to be installed on the Navy Marine Corps Internet (NMCI) network. The US Army also approved operation of Risk Radar® Enterprise on the US Army Enterprise Network.

A Total Solution Application

OMB A-123
NIST 800 Series
ISO 31000
ISO 9001-2015
DAU RMG Requirements
DOD RIO Management Guide

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Risk Radar Application

Why Risk Radar Enterprise?

Why Risk Radar Enterprise?

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareEmpowers managers and provides their teams the visibility they require to proactively identify, analyze, track, control, mitigate and report risk/opportunities.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareEncourages pro-active stakeholder involvement, which cultivates a positive risk culture.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareEnables cost effective management and communications of cost, schedule, technical/performance risks/opportunities within a common flexible and scalable enterprise framework.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareCritical information is captured and managed on one screen.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareIntuitive and easy to use, making tracking and reporting risk factors as easy as the push of a button—MS Word reports and MS PowerPoint presentations  become automatic.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareA Risk Radar Enterprise economical pricing structure delivers a high return on investment in the very first year.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareRRE utilizes a comprehensive layout of screens to manage risks across the risk life cycle.

Enterprise Risk Management SoftwareMoves an organization from time consuming spreadsheets to a fully enabled web application supporting strategic organizational goals and objectives.


This tool supports YOUR management and reporting structure.


Your existing team is qualified to install and immediately operate the application. Risk Radar Enterprise is not a large complex system, requiring external installation support or training.

Are you facing the challenge in starting, improving or fine tuning your risk management practices?

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